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Please do not park, even part way, on the highway or the circle (River Falls Road or River Falls Lodge Road) including the bridge.  Instead park fully on the grass.  We want to make the roads clear for emergency vehicles to be able to easily get through.  We also do not want to have any problems with any law officials.  If possible, car pool to save on parking space.  Thank you for your attention on this matter.

Thanks so much to all of you for helping to create the Magic of Moondance again! Mark your calendars now to join us again next year for Moondance 2014, Sept. 5-7, 2014.


Friday, April 25 - CityDance at Landmark Hall:
Beginner class 7:30, Dancing 8-11 pm
BAND: KUDZOO CREEPER [Nic Coker, Fred Stoll, Pam Stoll]
Friday, May 2 - ADVANCED DANCE at River Falls Lodge:
Dancing 8-11 pm<<No Beginner class.  Experienced dancers only, please.>>
BAND: MAY DAZE [Martha Edwards, Karen Gaughan, Pam Stoll]
Saturday, May 3 - River Falls Lodge:
Beginner class 7:30, Dancing 8-11 pm
BAND: WHISTLIN RUFUS [Peter Jenkins, Cindy Olsen, Doug Olsen, Ann Whitley]
Saturday, May 17 - River Falls Lodge:
Beginner class 7:30, Dancing 8-11 pm
BAND: CROOKED PINE [Craig Bannerman, Marion Boatwright, Troy Harrison, Frank McConnell]



More Upcoming Events

MOONDANCE!! September 5 - 7, 2014!!

Bands:  Stringrays (Rodney Miller, Stuart Kenney, Sam Bartlett, Max Newman and Mark Hellenberg)  Contraforce (Andrae Ratfield, Jimi Peirano and Joey Dorwart)
Callers:  Steve Zakon-Anderson and Janet Shepherd 



Admission to regular dances:  Ages 14-17 - $5,  18 and above - $8  No Coins Please!

Are you a beginner? We strongly encourage you to attend our FREE beginner classes before every dance. Class starts at 7:30 - learn new steps, or just refresh what you know!

Check out our potluck dinner! We will periodically host potlucks before other special events, but will announce them ahead of time, so stay posted and/ or sign up to receive notification through the Yahoo Groups email updates.

Consider serving a term (or two) on our board. Harvest Moon Folk Society is always looking for a few good folks who would help give back to the contra dancing community. More information from any board member, or at the entry desk at any RFL dance.

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