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Welcome to Contrasf, a Contra Dance Sound Forum.This is an automated e-mail list for contra dance sound system operators, dance organizers, bands, callers and other interested folks. Others from similar folk dance forms are welcome to join in the discussion.

Contra dance sound has some demanding aspects: A clear caller and beat need to be heard on the whole dance floor, at modest volume The music is live and there are usually several microphones wanting to feedback. Budgets are limited; we are often dancing in venues with poor acoustics. Sound equipment is often hauled to a dance set up, taken down and stored in somebody's spare bedroom.There is a lack of available, reliable information on choosing and using sound equipment for contra dancing.

So in 1998, Weogo Reed started manually resending messages to a group of interested folks. In 1999 we went automated with e-mail server We write about anything to do with dance sound, equipment and its use. Posts are appropriate for all age groups. Our server, has a Shared Files area for reference files.Also, there is a Shared URLs area for web sites of interest.

For more information, contact

Weogo Reed
201 Jones Cove Road
Asheville, NC 28805

General and subscription information

This list is private; 
Subscription is by a moderator adding your name to the list.
Please have friends wanting to join send an email to Weogo Reed

PERSONAL info needed to join list:
An e-mail address is all that is required by the server.
We want to know the names of subscribers.
It would also be nice to know where folks are from
and their interest in Contra Dance Sound.

Note: to keep out spam, An index search will not show our list. 

PRIVACY: does not sell or distribute e-mail addresses
and neither do we.

There are three ways to unsubscribe:
1) Send e-mail to: < >.
2) Online at
3) Ask a moderator to unsubscribe you. Before doing this,
Please try options 1) and 2).

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Address messages to: < >.
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when quoting, please remove excess header, signature and other text.

RECEIVING messages:
All messages are automatically re-sent to all list subscribers.

PLAIN text:
Messages can be plain text or HTML formatted. 
Plain-text only readers will lose formatting.

Attachments can be added to messages.
Some plain text readers will not be able to access them.
If a file is on the web, please simply post the web address.
Attachments are removed from postings before being archived by Egroups.
They are also removed from messages received in DIGEST format.

Anything to do with Contra dance sound and equipment and its use is on-topic.
This is currently a small list and leeway can be given for other folk
dancing sound efforts as well.
When starting a discussion on a particular topic, for instance, Fiddle
microphones, add 'Fiddle microphones' to the subject field.
Mind the law when citing copyrighted material, etc.
Don't bash anybody - you may be working with that person next month.
And people do have bad days and are capable of change.
Be conscious of the difference between facts and opinions.
Please keep posts appropriate for all age groups.

SHARED Files and URLs:
Onelist has a Shared Files area that we can upload reference files to.
Also, there is a Shared URLs area for web sites of interest.

Be reasonable. Messages advertising dance sound related services, 
or used equipment for sale are fine.
Not ok is somebody singing the virtues of XYZ amplifiers and then
mentioning they have ten brand new ones for sale. 

GROWING the list:
The purpose of the list is to share information with folks in the same
sound boat. Spread the word!

Egroups adds a few lines of advertising at the bottom of each message. 

Egroups has several FAQ files that explain most of what needs to be known
about using the server.

This list is being run largely as a consensus-based effort.
It is hoped that any problems that arise 
can be handled in the open by all of us.
However, Weogo Reed is the list owner and his word is final.

All forum members are approved by a moderator. 
Since we are all wonderful contra dance folks, 
the possibility of spam is near nil.

Since this is a private list and we all are very careful about what we
submit, the chance of passing computer viruses is minimal.
Plain text and no attachments virtually eliminates the possibility of
viruses being transmitted.

Egroups will try to deliver messages for a long time.
If your server is down or mailbox is full, and that last attempt doesn't
go through, you are automatically dropped from the list.
Currently, neither the subscriber nor the list manager are notified of
If you stop receving mail for a while, 
either nobody is writing or you have been bounced. 
Easiest way to check is to attempt to send a message. 
If you can send it and it is forwarded to your mailbox, all is well.
Except maybe we need more frequent posting!
If indeed you are bounced, send mail to a moderator to be re-subscribed.

OTHER problems:
Check the site for FAQs, or write a moderator. 
We will respond ASAP.

The value of this list is in direct proportion to what you contibute!

Thanks and lets get to some SOUND advice!

For Contrasf, Weogo Reed